What is the procedure for legalising a translation in Romania?

The procedure for legalising a translation in Romania involves several essential steps. Here is how the process can be done:

  1. Translation of the document: First, the original foreign language document must be translated into Romanian by an authorised translator.
  2. Legalisation at the notary’s office: the notary will check the authenticity of the translation and apply his stamp to notarise the document.
  3. Keeping in the notary’s archive: The notary will keep a copy of the notarised document in his archive for future reference.

It is important to check the specific requirements for your document and obtain all the necessary information before starting the legalisation process. There may be additional requirements or peculiarities for certain types of documents or purposes. It is also always a good idea to check whether the country of destination of the document has specific requirements for translations and their legalisation.

The Verba Expert team will handle the legalisation of translations and the original document must be presented to the Notary.  

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