Film subtitling services

Our team also offers film subtitling services for all types of videos and presentations.

You can send us the material for which you need subtitling to or contact us by phone to receive all the necessary details about the online transfer of the material in question.

In general, translators and proofreaders involved in subtitling projects are native speakers of the language concerned.

Once the translator and reviser have completed the proofreading of the translation, the technical team will finalize the subtitling in the appropriate format; you will then be notified by a member of the Verba Expert team that you will receive the video with the appropriate subtitling.

Foreign languages portfolio: 

We provide certified or certified translation services into and from: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Flemish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian/Dari, Maldivian, etc. We provide bilingual translations that do not include Romanian – as our native translators cover most of the foreign languages used.

Nordic language translations: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish

  • Translations Romanian – Swedish, Swedish – Romanian. Translations from Swedish into other languages.
  • Translations Romanian – Danish, Danish – Romanian. Translations from Danish into other languages.
  • Translations Romanian – Norwegian, Norwegian – Romanian. Translations from Norwegian into other languages.
  • Translations Romanian – Finnish, Finnish – Romanian. Translations from Finnish into other languages.

Technical translations, Legal translations, Medical translations… More details


Notarization, Certified Copy… More details


Transcripts of interviews, radio broadcasts… More details


The subtitles are provided by native speakers of the language concerned… More details


Our team has translated instruction manuals, brochures, leaflets, etc… More details


We work with glossaries to maintain terminological consistency… More details

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