Certified Specialized translations

We give the same care and commitment to small translation projects as we do to large ones.

Specialized translation services

Specialized translation services focus on content that requires advanced knowledge in a particular field or industry. This type of translation involves experts with in-depth technical knowledge to deliver an accurate translation that is relevant to the field. We understand that in order to deliver the best results, we need specialist translators for each field. This is why we have created Specialized teams that focus on translating user manuals, others on legal documents, and so on. This allows us to ensure that each project is handled by professionals with the right experience and knowledge. This enables us to provide accurate, high-quality translations in all our Specialized fields. Here are some examples of Specialized translations:

  1. Medical translation: Translation of a medical report containing specific terminology such as diagnoses, medical procedures and prescriptions.
  2. Legal translation: Translation of a complex legal contract involving specific legal terms and important clauses.
  3. Technical translation: Translation of a user manual for an electronic device with detailed assembly and operating instructions.
  4. Financial translation: Translation of an annual financial report containing accounting data and precise financial terms.
  5. Scientific translation: Translation of a scientific research article with Specialized terms and concepts.
  6. Technological translation: Translation of software or a website, ensuring that the interface and functionality is maintained in the target language.
  7. Translation of Marketing-related documents: Translation of marketing materials, such as an advertising campaign, adapted to the target culture and with persuasive messages.
  8. Translation of dental medicine-related documents: Translation of dental-specific documents such as instructions for dental procedures.
  9. Renewable energy translation: Translation of renewable energy-related materials, such as instructions for solar panel installations.

Foreign languages portfolio:

We provide certified or certified translation services into and from: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Flemish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian/Dari, Maldivian, etc. We provide bilingual translations that do not include Romanian – as our native translators cover most of the foreign languages used.


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