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Translators specialising in the Nordic languages must be able to maintain not only linguistic accuracy, but also the cultural sensitivity and context specific to each language. Choosing a translator with expertise in the Nordic languages is essential to ensure accurate and appropriate translations.

A translator specialising in Swedish – English – Romanian is a professional with advanced skills in working with texts in these three languages. Here is a description of the skills and qualifications of a translator:


  1. Accurate translation: A Swedish-English-Romanian translator must translate texts from Swedish into English or Romanian and vice versa. The translator must ensure the accuracy, consistency and original content of the source text.
  2. Proofreading and correction: Checking and correcting translations to ensure that there are no grammatical, stylistic or terminological errors and to maintain the quality of the translated text.
  3. Adaptation of style: The translator must adapt the style and tone of the text according to the purpose of the translation (e.g. literary, technical, medical, etc.).
  4. Knowledge of terminology: Maintaining and updating an extensive database of specific terms and idioms in Swedish, English and Roman to ensure an accurate and coherent translation.
  5. Meeting deadlines: Working under pressure of deadlines and ensuring timely completion of translations.
Qualifications and abilities:
  1. Thorough knowledge of languages: A thorough understanding of Swedish, English and Romanian, including grammar, vocabulary and syntax.
  2. Culture and context: Knowledge of the culture and social context of the three languages, as these can influence the meaning and interpretation of texts.
  3. Accuracy: Ability to translate texts accurately while maintaining their original meaning.
  4. Confidentiality: Respecting confidentiality and protecting client data and information.
  5. Research skills: ability to conduct research to resolve questions or ambiguities related to terms or context.
  6. Effective communication: Good communication skills and clarity to discuss requirements with customers and respond to questions or requests.
  7. Flexibility: Adaptability to work with a variety of texts and topics.
  8. Technology: Knowledge of computer-aided translation tools and software.

A Swedish-English-Romanian translator is an essential professional in today’s globalised environment, ensuring that information and communication is accessible and understood in a wide range of languages. He or she must be diligent, accurate and quality-oriented to provide reliable and trustworthy translation services.

Certified translator Raluca Horghidan,
licence no. 19669/2007, with specialised studies in Romania and Sweden. Contact: 0740142309, raluca@verbaexpert.ro.

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