Do you have content that you need to communicate globally? Do you need it fast? And, most importantly, are you working on a budget but can’t afford to compromise in terms of quality?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have no reason to worry: you’ve reached the right agency, because we understand. We understand your need to represent your brand in the best possible manner. Our translation services have been carefully built and aligned to make sure that you benefit from the services you need with an end result you can rely on. We put forward tailor-made translation solutions. With us, you get exactly what you need – nothing more and nothing less.

We are a team of well trained, talented translators, dedicated to our work. Our work experience, our linguistic skills, our committment as well as our infrastructure and logistics guarantee the best translation services, as well as subtitling, audio transcription and interpreting services. Our team consists exclusively of certified translators and native speakers (we thus cover major time zones).

Verba Expert is an agency established in 2011 and our more than 11 years of experience has allowed us to gain access to complex and various information, as well as to a cultural diversity which helps us understand the specifics of each language.

Here’s how we ensure the quality of the final document: All translations we send to our clients are reviewed by a separate team of reviewers, to ensure the superior quality of the translations delivered. This service is in line with our mission to provide translations that help our clients and do not require further intervention on their part, so we will not consider it to be subject to a separate cost.

Here is what representatives of the companies we have been proudly working with for over 10 years (both Romanian and global companies) have to say about us:

Verba Expert team is always open and available to exchange and share ideas in order to provide the right solutions for us and to understand better the needs of our business. They are our partner for more than a year and we have always relied on the agreed delivery terms and the quality of their services. So I can definitely recommend them as operational, professional, reliable and an overall excellent business partner.”


We started working with Verba Expert in the beginning of 2021 and they offered their support for English, Polish, German technical and legal translations + interpretation services in Romania. The collaboration between Utal and Verba Expert team has been excellent. We are truly impressed by Verba Expert employees’ professional approach, flexibility and friendly attitude.

Michał Bogdziewicz - Sales Team Leader – Europa, UTAL sp. z o.o. Poland

We started working with Verba Expert in 2018 and throughout this period we have translated marketing materials and technical documents from mainly English and Italian; furthermore, they offered their support in creating subtitles for several interviews and presentations that we used. What I most appreciate is the team’s responsiveness, fast turnaround and great quality of the final result. All in all, a professional but also close attitude which makes us feel we trust our projects in good hands!

Claudia Butoarcă - Marketing Manager, IVECO ROMANIA

We started working with Verba Expert in 2012 and in this timeframe we have had a consistent and constant collaboration, consisting in translation of legal documents, official notifications and letters, commercial documents. We are company that moves at a very fast pace and we need our providers to meet our exigencies. Verba Expert, as our sole translation provider, has never failed to live up to our expectations.

Alexandra Copilau - Sales and Logistics Manager, Forum Film

Our collaboration started in 2015 and up to this point we managed to successfully complete over 1,000 projects; the results exceeded our expectations, deadlines were never missed, our workflow was constantly improved so as the final product would rise up to the high standards our department sets. I warmly recommend Verba Expert for their professionalism, attention to details, constant care and dedication.

Alexandru Titirig, Graphic Designer, EMAG.RO – largest online retailer in Romania

The collaboration between our company and VERBA EXPERT started 3 years ago, a period of intense joint projects that were solved in optimal time and at the quality level that we expected from them. It is worth noting the full involvement of the members of this united team; they always found effective solutions to accomplish the tasks undertaken on time. If we were to try to sum up in one word the relationship we have with VERBA EXPERT, that word would be SERIOUSNESS. We wish them much success in their work, because from their involvement and seriousness we are convinced that they will not deviate. We warmly recommend VERBA EXPERT as a highly reliable partner.

Andreea BURILA - Head of Logistics, CTE Solution - Utilaje Specializate SRL

Quality is a key value of our company, therefore we need to make sure our partners and providers raise to the standards we promote. During our lengthy collaboration, the Verba team have translated numerous financial and legal documents, into and from various languages such as Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Danish and Italian. They delivered flawless work in a timely fashion, respecting our Terms of Confidentiality, a critical aspect for us.

Alina GHEUCA - Senior HR Manager, KPMG ROMANIA

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