Our team provides written translation services, subtitling, audio transcription and interpretation services.

Our team has performed various translations to and from foreign languages such as: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian.

What types of translations can we help you with?

Our team members are divided into fields of specialized translations, including: legal translations, technical translations (instruction manuals), financial-banking translations , medical translations, website translations.

Our education, training and work experience are varied, but we are united by our passion for translation and all that cultural diversity and “unity in diversity” entail.

Experience has taught us that only specialized translators can deliver the best results, so our work has been separated into work segments, depending on the nature of the project: the translation of instruction manuals is handled exclusively by our dedicated team, which specializes in this type of translation, and the legal documents are handled carefully by another team of translators and proofreaders, and so on.

In addition to translation services, we offer specialized audio and video transcription services as well as subtitling services.


The transcripts are made by two people to ensure that the final work is of the highest quality. A person will transcribe the text (write the recorded material) and the other person will correct the transcript before it is sent to the client.

Most of our projects are transcripts of interviews, radio shows, focus group discussions, conferences, meetings. All projects are confidential. The source material can be sent to our e-mail address :

All audio materials are different in terms of recording quality and therefore the final price may vary. Factors that influence the price include: audio quality, number of speakers, language used, terminology used, background noise, deadline. Please contact us and give us more details about your project and your needs, we will return with a price offer as soon as possible.


Our team offers film subtitling services for all types of videos and presentations. You can send us the file that needs subtitles at the following email address: or you can contact us by phone to receive all the necessary details on the online transfer of the file in question. In general, the translators and text revisers involved in the subtitling project are native speakers.

Once the translator and reviewer have finished the translation and proofreading, the technical team will finalize the introduction of appropriate subtitle format; you will be subsequently notified by a team member that you will receive the file with the corresponding subtitles.

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