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Our team provides written translation services, subtitling, audio transcription and interpretation services.

Our team has performed various translations to and from foreign languages such as: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian.


Translating a document from one language to another is a faithful implementation of the message expressed from the source language into the target language.

Verba Expert Translations offers complete communication services which include written translations from/into various foreign languages, in many areas of expertise including: commercial, literary, medical, legal, financial, technical, human resources and advertising, and others.

Each translation is taken over by a specialized translator who has appropriate training and work experience.


Verba Expert Translations performs the legalization of the translated documents.


To ensure the quality of translations made by Verba Expert team members, the translated texts will be checked by a competent proofreader. This service is included in the agreed price.


Administrative translation refers to translation of texts commonly used in business and public organizations or institutions. Fidelity is crucial to achieve a good translation and preserve the source text meaning unaltered.

Commercial or business translations cover any document used in the business world, such as correspondence, company accounts, bidding documents, reports, contracts of any kind, invoices, documents of incorporation and certificates from the trade register, etc. Translations can be done only by specialized translators who have knowledge of business terminology.

The term economic translation is used for translation of documents from the general economic field – texts that are much more specialized than commercial or business texts.

Financial translations refer to the translation of documents from the banking sector – for example, administration of investment funds management, insurance, stock exchange, banking policies and procedures, analysis of credit files, audit reports, balance sheets and charts of accounts, insurance policies, project financing, human resources policies, regulations and internal policy manuals for employees, investment plans, annual reports.

General translation is the simplest of all translations. The language used is a not very difficult, and does not make use of specific terms or techniques.

Legal translations refer to the translation of legal texts, such as summons, notices, notarized power of attorney, rulings, writs of execution, certificates, licenses, civil and commercial contracts, transfer documents, legislation, etc. Most translation companies use translators that specialize in this field.

Translation of literary works is considered by many one of the most advanced forms of translation as it involves much more than the simple translation of text. Here are some types of documents that may involve literary translation: literary anthologies of texts, poetry, prose, drama, quotes, etc.

Translations of medical texts include translations of manuals for medical equipment, medicine books, prescriptions, diagnoses, leaflets, etc.


This type of translation includes some technical subdomains, such as IT, manufacturing, construction, engineering, translation manuals, user guides, etc. As is the case with the legal and medical translations, technical translations have a higher cost, and require a translator who is familiar with the specific terminology.


Our team offers film subtitling services for all types of videos and presentations. You can send us the file that needs subtitles at the following email address: or you can contact us by phone to receive all the necessary details on the online transfer of the file in question. In general, the translators and text revisers involved in the subtitling project are native speakers.

Once the translator and reviewer have finished the translation and proofreading, the technical team will finalize the introduction of appropriate subtitle format; you will be subsequently notified by a team member that you will receive the file with the corresponding subtitles.


The transcripts are made by two people to ensure that the final work is of the highest quality. A person will transcribe the text (write the recorded material) and the other person will correct the transcript before it is sent to the client.

Most of our projects are transcripts of interviews, radio shows, focus group discussions, conferences, meetings. All projects are confidential. The source material can be sent to our e-mail address :

All audio materials are different in terms of recording quality and therefore the final price may vary. Factors that influence the price include: audio quality, number of speakers, language used, terminology used, background noise, deadline. Please contact us and give us more details about your project and your needs, we will return with a price offer as soon as possible.


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